Pugmark Jungle Resort Wayanad kerala.

A stream of peeking sunlight accompanied by the trill of the Bulbul for alarm clock. In an idyllic wooden cottage where windows open to mist-shrouded
mornings and breeze clears the air just in time for sunlight to fall on the verdant hills. The unlikely but pleasant accompaniment of the aroma of freshly pound beans served with the steaming cup of coffee. And a breakfast, prepared on wood burning stoves, every gourmand's delight. Where conferences are around crackling embers of a late evening campfire, meeting the unlikely spotting of a stripped feline and con-calls, the vociferous imitations of the famed Laughing Thrush and trumpeting elephants. In Wayanad, the land dotted with woodlands, valleys, hillocks and fed by copious rainfall, all that features on the memo is a tryst with nature. Pugmarks Resorts is Wayanad's very own nature retreat, where being amidst nature is just a way of living.

The Lodge at pugmark Jungle Resort Wayanad Kerala

Nothing could best explain the philosophy at Pugmarks than Byron's lines. Neatly tucked away in a five acre coffee plantations are charming wooden cottage tents and wooden suites; an inviting place to be miles away from anywhere of consequence.
Hemmed by the elephant corridor on one side and the thick foliage of the forest on the other, Pugmarks Jungle Lodge is Wayanad's very own nature retreat, where being amidst nature is just a way of living. Trying to recreate the essence of being close to nature, the five acres of landscaped coffee plantation is adorned with quaint wooden and tented cottages. The lodges have been built utilizing ethnic material and the skill of local craftsmen. Classic hand carved wooden furniture, and custom made beddings, which took our seven craftsmen more than twenty days and modern bath facilities, sum up the accommodation facilities at Pugmarks Jungle Lodge.

Rooms at pugmark Jungle Resort Wayanad Kerala
•       Windward Suite : The brick structure, reminiscent of the local architecture has bed room, separate living room and attached Bath
•       Cedar Camp : Wooden cottage tents with bedroom, attached bath, living room and balcony
•       Resort Tent : A lovely 3 room resort tent is set up in Pugmarks now. A cute Toilet and Shower room is attached. Bedding and Sleeping Bag is
         provided to sleep 6-9 people
       Cedar Suite : The two premium wooden suites upstairs with fireplace

Activities at pugmark Jungle Resort Wayanad Kerala

Soft Adventure (within the resort) : Your vacation in Wayanad will not be complete without exerting your muscles a bit...We have some of the unique
"activities" set up for you in Wayanad

•       Rope Ladder
       Zip Line
       Tyre Walk
       Shuttle Badminton

Wildlife Safari:
Surrounded by Nagarahole to the North, Tholpetty Reserve to the East, Bandipur and Muthanga to the south and Brahmagiri to the West, the options for a trip in to the wild is immense. From flying squirrels to big cats and even elephants, Wayanad boasts of a rich flora and fauna. Games drives on SUVs are the best way to spot the beasts in their natural surroundings. Cruise through the open plains, the thick forest or even the river bank, where the animals gather for a morning bath or drink. Night safaris are yet another fad which seems to have caught up with the visitors to Wayanad. Nothing compares to the thrill of coming face to face with the Bull elephants in the dark.

Archery :
Go back to the history of Wayanad and learn the skills of the local warriors. Pick up the bow and take a lesson or two from the local tribesmen of the Kurumba and Kurichiyan tribe. They were thought to be archers of great dexterity and were engaged in guerilla warfare against the British waged by Pazhassi Raja.

Farming :
Wake up to the fragrance of blooming coffee flowers. Take a tour with our informed guides who will be pleased to share tales of one of the world's most loved beverage. Wade through the early morning mist and traverse our carefully planned trail across the five acres. A warm, steaming cup of aromatic coffee, will greet you as you return from the trail.

Spice Tours :
Wayanad symbolizes a natural splendor famous among trekkers. The ever changing terrain offers much to explore for both seasoned and amateur trekkers. Much sought after are treks to Pakshi pathalam(Thirunelli) and Tholpetty wildlife treks

Heritage and legend trails :
From the prehistoric Edakkal caves to the legendary chain tree at Lakkidi and sacred Thirunelly temple, Wayanad has many folklore and legends to share. If not enough for these, recharge those batteries in a quiet surrounding. Take a stroll into Mother Nature's lap with guides. Explore the many bounties Wayanad has to offer. Saunter the woods, climb the smaller hills and drink in the panoramic view, swing on creepers, cross the little streams struck silver by the sun, be amazed at the bird song, and interact with the hospitable folk.

Tribal Village Visit :
At Pugmarks, we organize tribal village visit for the multi cultural guest to know and appreciate the Wayanad tribal heritage. The largest number of aborigine population of Kerala resides in Wayanad. The Adivasis of Wayanad tribal comprise of Paniyas, Adiyars, Kurichyas, Kurumas, Kattunaikkans, and Ooralis. The tribals of Wayanad reside in houses made of mud, thatched roof, bamboo and brick.

Ayurvedic Massage(wellness or therapeutic) :
Kerala resorts are famous for Ayurvedic massage. There are a few specialty traditional ayurvedic doctors around pugmarks, who are specialized in spondylosis, joint problems and others. There are traditional tribal physicians too, whose medical skills are too good to believe. We bring them to pugmarks on specific requests.

Packages at pugmark Jungle Resort Wayanad Kerala

Recommended Itinerary 2 Nights/ 3 Days

Day 1:
2.00 noon - Check in at noon. Settle down and freshen up.
3.30 pm – Gear up for a trip to Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, which is 20 minutes from Pugmarks (earlier the better as the ticket counter closes by 5 and being blockaded by elephants on the road is quite a possibility here).∙
7.00 pm – Relax by the warmth of campfire for dinner.∙
9.00 pm – For those who are up for more adventure, sign up for a night safari through Thirunelli temple road or spend some time on a 'machan/ watch tower'

Day 2:
9.00 am – After a fill of sumptuous breakfast, leave for Kuruva dweep, which is 15 minutes from Pugmarks. Don't forget to pick up your camera as the
morning light is just ideal for shutterbugs. An eco- walk through the tiny islands in Kuruva Dweep takes 3-4 hours.
Afternoon can be chosen from scenic to historic sites of Wayanad, which includes the Pookot lake, Banasurasagar dam, Pazhassi tomb, Edakkal caves, Thirunelly temple, the bamboo world of 'Uravu' and the many waterfalls. Most of these sites are within one hour drive from Pugmarks.

Day 3:
Relax and enjoy the morning with plowing with water buffaloes in the traditional way or visit tribal villages and farms
12 noon - check out

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