Wayanad- kerala - india

Wayanad Wind Resort

Wayanad Wind is a luxury resort, located in the area very near to Banasura Sagar Dam & Valley of Banasura hills. The resort is widely recognized for providing luxurious accommodations and premium amenities. Designed with luxury cottages , Wayanad Wind has been acclaimed as one of the most romantic places in the region. The heartfelt hospitality, impeccable service, fine cuisine, amazing river rafting, and eco­experiences make Wayanad Wind the premier destination in Kerala.


Wayanad Wind offers you one of the most comfortable and elegant stay at Wayanad. Exploring the beauty of Wayanad from this beautiful resort. Designed to maximise your eco pleasure without compromising your comfort, all the accommodation here is nestled deep within Fruit garden, with the rock and terracotta cottages with high ceilings to catch the natural breezes.

The rooms are classified into:

  • Garden Villa
  • Breeze Villa

Eco Adventure

Immerse yourself in the Wayanad Wind Rain forest and feel the jungle vibes up close and personal! If you want to get in touch with nature in the raw and are not after manicured grass and air conditioners, then Western Ghats moist deciduous forest is your answer. Secluded in the depths of some of the last remaining highland rainforest in this part of the world Wayanad Wind guarantees you the experience up close and personal with the jungle and its inhabitants.


Wind down the evening sharing your day's activities with the friendly staff of Wayanad Wind and other guests, slip into the natural spring pool, surf the net, enjoy around bonfire, or just relax. For those who still have energy to burn take the nature night walk, or join the kids in some board games or out door games. The resort will keep you well fed and watered. Check out the Cafe, open 08am­10pm everyday with Loads of budget minded, fresh and tasty tropical fare. Last but not least, when you just can't keep your eyes open any longer make your way to your very own piece of paradise and fall asleep to the sounds of the rainforest dreaming of tomorrows eco adventures.

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