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Banasura Island Retreat

Banasura Island Retreat

reservoir, the enchanting beauty of Wayand. The nature here offers breath taking view of mountain , birds, and water. The retreat is blessed with natural stream flowing across the boundary. Banasura Island Retreat theme and architecture is based on vintage and traditional values. This riparian zone is blessed with natural stream flowing across the boundary. Located in a virgin and immaculate landscape, Banasura Island Retreat is sure to be one of those places you experienced in a Deja vu.


The rooms at Banasura Island Retreat are classified into Nalukettu, Double Cottage and Single Cottage.

Nalukettu House is built according to Vastu and is in the traditional style. The wooden roof with clay tiles. It uses all terminologies of a traditional Kerala house. The house has a "nadumittam" (central courtyard), "kolai" (verandah) and is "chadurmugham" (4 faces). It includes many terminologies such as sopanam, mondhayam, thazhikakudam, attam, sutram and so on. The emphasis is on the outdoor experience. Nalukettu meets not only the scientific but also the metaphysical requirements essential for a peaceful stay. A home of Nalukettu celebrates air, nature and freedom inside.

Double Cottage is a Wooden Cottage with two bedrooms, designed for your family or for your small want- to-be-together group. The cottage has temperature control.

Single Cottage - The specially designed wooden single cottage with a sit out that opens to a stunning panoramic surround view is sure take you, to an experience with no words and grammar.


  • Rejuvenation and Detoxification (Body Purification Therapy)
  • Beauty care and EYE care
  • Weight Loss Programme
  • Sinusitis and Migraine
  • Post Pregnancy health package

  • Authentic Kerala Food
  • Children's Park
  • Garden
  • Stream side trekking
  • Boating
  • Plantation tourism

  • Biking Trials
  • Hiking Trials
  • Trekking Trials


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