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Can you imagine staying atop of the Asia's tallest jungle Tree House and experience the tropical rainforest like never before? Well, the Tree House of the Green Magic Resorts at Vythiri, Wayanad, Kerala,India, gives you just this same unique opportunity.

Wayanad, derived from 'Vayal Nadu', means the land of paddy fields. This region is rich with flora and fauna. Wayand is a tourism destination in itself. The Green Magic Resorts located in Vythiri, Wayanad, Kerala, India offers its guests Eco Lodges and three different Tree Houses, which are built amongst 30 acres of plantation.

These Tree Houses, rests at a height of 70 to 115 feet above ground level. These Tree Houses are designed using bamboo poles and coir mats, bringing in the ethnic touch. The Water- Lift facility is the distinctive feature of the first tree house. The lift uses the native crane, which is worked by the counter weight of water.

The second Tree House, at a five minute walk from the first, is accessed by a slanting rope-way. The third Tree House is the tallest Tree House, made at a height of 115 feet above ground. The two hanging bridges connect the two bedrooms, each with a separate entrance. The additional features of the Tree House would include bio-toilet, telephone shower, comfortable double beds and so on.


  • Camp Fire
  • Wildlife Night Safari
  • Archery Practicing
  • Trekking Expeditions
  • Bath at the nearby Natural Streams
  • Rope Climbing at the nearby mountain range
  • Water Rappelling at nearby falls

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Green Magic Tree house


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