Pepper Green Village Wayanadu

Welcome to a world of enchantment. An undisturbed hamlet in the lap of nature where the only sounds you hear are the rustling of the leaves in the wind, chirping of the birds, the music of a river in flow, and sometimes, the rhythm of the drums from the tribal villages in the distance.

Fringed on either sides by paddy fields and thick forests, Pepper Green Village stretches onto the banks of the Kabini River.

Conceptualized and built by a group of nature lovers, the PGV blends and weaves perfectly into the natural serenity and ecosystem of this uniquely beautiful place, like a tapestry of immense beauty. A place to soak in the beauty of nature, rest, relax and rejuvenate….It is also a place to meditate, and connect with one's inner self.

The Village was built taking care not to destroy the trees on the land as far as possible. As a result, you have trees going right through the cottages. The dreamy and amazingly pretty Cinnamon is one such cottage built on a raised platform over 20 feet above the ground with not one, but three trees going right through the bedroom. Cassia matches Cinnnamon in charm and beauty. Ginger and Garlic are the remaining two traditional cottages made on the concept of tree-houses. Lavishly spacious and elegantly furnished, all these cottages are constructed in wood and bamboo in tribal architectural styles and have the natural scent of spices and the surrounding vegetation, and stay cool even on a warm day.

Accommodation at Pepper Green Village Wayanadu, Kerala, India

With over 200 trees and flowering bushes, vines of pepper and the scent of spices, the Village has eight exclusive cottages for the most discerning, nature loving visitors. With names like Cardamom, Stevia, Lavender, Ginger, Garlic , Saffron and….., each one of these cottages epitomizes the concept of the village…to blend with nature and be a part of it. Stevia is a beautiful suite overlooking the Kabini river, made entirely in wood and bamboo. Built on the concept of a tree house, it has a pretty lounge area, a spacious bedroom and an amazing loft where any artist or poet would feel inspired. The open balcony with its bamboo and wood seats and tables is the ideal place to reflect and dream.

One of the most charming and enchanting features of the PGV is an amazing tree-top walkway made of wood and bamboo and raised on stilts and tree-trunks. It connects Cassia and Cinnamon with Stevia and gives a panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings. It has charming little spots to sit down and relax, with coffee or a book, while watching the birds nesting in the tree tops and the butterflies flitting around.

For those who would prefer a more 'grounded' experience, one can choose from one of three modern cottages - Saffron being the most premium with a bedroom, lounge and an equipped Kitchenette. Mint overlooks the lush green paddy fields while Lavender directly overlooks Kabini River. With all modern amenities, these spacious cottages are simple, yet luxurious.These cottages are made of traditional and locally available contruction materials which ensure a natural 'climate-control' and a unique feel.

Activities at Pepper Green Village Wayanadu, Kerala, India

The activities at the resort are just as in-tune with nature, as the resort itself. Lush green with vegetation, it is an amazing experience just walking down the quaint tiled walkways winding through the resort with benches and even little tree-top shelters where you could sit and soak in the surroundings. You could walk down at will to the river bank to fish, or to take a refreshing swim. Who needs a swimming pool when one can relax and swim in the rejuvenating waters of a cool mountain river?? At night, a camp-fire and barbecue by the riverside completes the picture.

Across the river is the famous bird sanctuary Kuruva Island. A short boat ride take you across into this uninhabited, wooded island which is home to many different varieties of local and migratory birds. It is heaven for bird-watchers and plant lovers. In fact, any nature-lover would lose track of time walking through this magical island.

For the most adventurous of the visitors, the forest is just a 15 minute walk through the tribal village. The protected forest is haven for an incredible variety of wild life including elephants, bison, deer and cheetahs. PGV has a camping spot just at the fringe of the forest with just a trench and an electrified fence separating you from the wild animals. This is an ideal place to get the adrenaline rush of seeing wild animals in their own habitat. Mind you, hunting is prohibited. But of course, you could shoot as much as you want with your camera.

Facilities at Pepper Green Village Wayanadu, kerala, India

Courteous and efficient staff, internet facilities, guides for local tours, cab services, doctor-on-call all ensure that you have a comfortable and stress-free stay at PGV and Waynad.

Pepper Green Village is not to be lived in. It is to be 'experienced'. A river-bank, a forest fringe, a magical world of birds and spices, a place to relax, or a place to find exhilarating adventure - PGV offers all of these to you. YOU choose what PGV will mean to you. Whatever you choose, PGV promises to be an unforgettably magical experience which will make you come back for more.

And of course, PGV could serve as your hub for exploring the many tourist attractions in the whole of Wayanad, including Muthanga wild-life sanctuary, Edakkal caves, Chembra Peak, Pookott Lake, Meenmutty Waterfalls, and many many others.

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