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Welcome to Tranquil Resort

Welcome to Tranquil - a private coffee and Vanilla plantation nestled in a picturesque 400 acres within the remote and lush rainforest of Wayanad in north of Kerala, India. If you are looking for a calm and quiet vacation within an environment of exquisite ecological beauty and unending relaxation, Tranquil Resort with just 8 rooms and a Luxury Treehouse is a home-stay experience like none other.

In the midst of a massive rain forest lies a little slice of plantation life for you to enjoy. For the discerning traveller, interested in eco-tourism with an exclusive flavour, Tranquil and its surroundings are unparalleled. Your hosts, Victor & Ranjini Dey create a unique ambience where your every need is met. Indulge yourself in moments of lazy quiet or energize your mind and body with the daily business of coffee production. Or pamper yourself with a therapeutic Ayurvedic massage. Not enough for you? Then tour our specially created 40-acre vanilla bean
plantation and learn the hidden secrets of this amazing and valuable plant which is now a much sought after commodity in the world market.
Spend a morning trekking to the most important cave in South India. The cave is situated on Ambukuthy Malai, where legend has it, Lord Rama split the summit of the hill with a well aimed arrow shot, (ambu= arrow, kuthy=hit), creating a huge rift - the Edakkal Cave. Explore engravings dating back to the New Stone Age (2500 B.C.) The rock wall contains some interesting carvings, which represent human and animal figures and objects of human use and symbols. These carvings speak of a highly civilized people of a pre-historic age and are of considerable archaeological and anthropological interest.
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