Niravilpuza - Wayanad - Kerala - India

Wayanad Village Resort

Come to Wayanad Village Resort to feel at home. Here at this at this sweet little farm house, you can experience the nature's jingles and the best organic cuisine. You will live here with the cuddly sweet pony, the chickens, the turkeys, the puppies, the lambs, the cows, the chirpy birds and awake up to the sunrise. All the more, you live with symbols of ecology testers­ the beautiful swarm of painted butterflies – of different shapes & sizes!!!


You can find here ten urban cool cottages, all unique in their own way, all generous of scale and featuring a charming blend of elegant often retro furniture, vintage curios and unfussy, yet rather luxurious linen spread on super king –size beds. All of these cliff clinching cottages invite you to a space like a work of art. Natural sunlight filters in through the bamboo curtains as they sway in the aromatic breeze. The well appointed suites take your attention to the heritage architecture, a play of rosewood and terracotta. On some walls you have these passionate mural paintings. No matter which one you choose, no matter how big your family is; you end up rating star for value, location, sleep­quality, rooms, cleanliness and service. You can also have a honeymoon cottage where you will view the whole 180 degree of the mountain landscape from the bed. There's another one which is custom­made for young at heart couples with awesome amenities. Fall asleep to the lull of peace and luxury.


Dining is awesome at Wayanad Village Resort. You can find here Retro – the Cafeteria and Restro – the poolside live cuisine. Yes in these both restaurants, your dinner will have wings too, passed on fresh from the nearby barbeque or the counter, with ambient sound of music. The farm fresh veg or poultry, will be hygienically barbequed in front of you. You will also get the ocean fresh fish on your BBq platter! Live Vellayappam, Kerala's popular white hoppers or roti or fulkas will be served right from fire to your plate.

Meetings and Events

Be it traditional or fusion, Wayanad Village Resort have all the might to make your occasion exceptional. The resort can organize small gatherings, wedding, engagement, and conferences. This is a destination for special occasions with just your near and dear. A gathering hall of 100 seating capacity with all the advanced Facilities can be customized to your requirement. You can also organize bigger events as Wayanad Village Resort have lots of outdoor space. You just have to communicate with our event manager.


  • Lounge
  • Swimming Pool with Kids' Pool
  • Board Game Watch Tower
  • Organic Flora & Fauna


  • Lounge
  • Sunset & Surise View
  • Jogging Trail
  • Horse Riding
  • Birds & Animal Feeding
  • Bird Watching
  • Beehives & Butterfly Garden
  • Swimming
  • DJ /Band
  • Amphitheatre Programs
  • Barbeque
  • Campfire
  • Tribal Medicinal Spa

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