Welcome to Sundara Mahal..,

Sundara Mahal has been Home to five generations of our family over a
century. Situated in Wayanad District of Kerala it stands as an elegant
testimonial to the blessings and skills that have endured the test of time.

Generations have lived under this roof over periods that were truly
transformational. From establishment of plantations to active participation in our Nation's struggle for independence, through Stock market bubbles and Commodity price crashes, Sundara Mahal has provided with its ambience, solace to many as an ancestral home where one could truly relax the mind and regenerate the spirit. Set in acres of a Progeny Orchard and Garden this exclusive and private Bungalow now extends the graceful lifestyle and hospitality as an approved Home stay.

Tradition plays a big part in the life style we offer. The food is pure Vegetarian. There are poojas and other sattvic rituals conducted by venerable masters that go on periodically. The big open grounds are definitely for children to play, not for adults to party. The Birds that chirp, the monkeys that screech and the crickets who sing conduct Nature's Orchestra 24x7, are not harmed. And no one bites the dogs.

Oh! There's a catch! Sundara Mahal is for families only. Families who need the break; together.


Sundara Mahal offers our guests Two exclusive rooms for their stay. This assures adequate privacy for the families as well as providing the vast common space for a life style of leisure. The rooms are furnished with King sized cots and spring beds. These 7'x7' beds should suffice for a small family but should you need an extra bed, it will be made available.

There is a writer's corner in each room with writing table, lamp, Designer Chairs that make ergonomic sense and an earthed power socket for the Laptops. The rooms have Belgian Mirrors, Comfortable recliners, Coffee Tables, cupboards, adequate and tasteful lighting, Fan and Insect proof netting, clean fresh linen and blankets. Blankets? Yes! Through the cool micro climate of the wooded property, God provides the air-conditioning, 24x7x365.

The Toilets have all the modern amenities like Tiled walls and floors, washbasin and mirrors, clean toilet seats and health faucets, hot and cold shower mixers.Through Capex in Solar Panels and Energy efficient lighting the Carbon footprints our guests leave behind will be minimal.


Sundara Mahal offers safe and pure vegetarian food. We have been able to preserve, cook and serve some of the Traditional dishes peculiar to Kerala as well as those specialties of Tamil Brahmins. Some of these dishes are labour intensive and involve Traditional vessels and methods to cook. But these unique tastes and flavors are too good to be forgotten. There's only so much an instant food mix can deliver. Beyond it lies the art of cooking.

The tastes of our guests are our prime concern. From the choice of rice to whether the Breakfast is to be Continental or Oriental or lunch is to be North or South Indian and Supper should be Chinese are always finalized after consultation.

Synthetic Food colours, Taste enhancers and other short cuts are totally avoided. The guests are provided with bottled water only. The ingredients are sourced locally and organic produces grown in Wayanad by local growers are our priority.

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