Prominent Faces

Kerala varma Pazhassi raja, Pazhassi raja Kerala varma Pazhassi raja

The local raja of Wayanad better known as the Pazhassi Raja was the leader and the symbol of the popular resistance in this region over a decade. Pazhassi raja who was a young prince in the family of Kottayam, came into prominence during the Mysorean invasion of Malabar. The young prince organised revolts against the Mysorean authority and he sought the assistance of the English factory at Tellicher

Sri. M.K. Jinachandran 
Sri. M.K. Jinachandran is a name akin to Wayanad who contributed immensely in the field of education, agriculture etc. This well known philanthropist and visionary is one among the pioneers whose name will ever be remembered as a molder of the socio-political culture of Wayanad.

Fr. Mathai Nooranal 
Fr. Mathai Nooranal is the name that will figure in the field of higher education of this district as the founder and guide of the first college of the district namely the St.Mary’s College, at Sultan’s Battery, established in 1965. His name also is associated with the development of co-operative movement in the state.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Jacob Thoonkuzhy
Rt. Rev. Dr. Jacob Thoonkuzhy was the first metropolitan with a diocese in the district and did yeomen service until recently for the overall development of Wayanad.