900 Kandi, Wayanad

900 Kandi Wayanad900 Kandi or Thollayiram kandi is one of the verdant paradises of adventure seekers and nature lovers, which is situated in the deep of Wayand with 900 acres of obscure forest and hill area. There is lots of herbage muffled in the tranquil ambiance and this is an enchanting place with magnificent trees, a marquee of clouds and everlasting hills in an utter serine wild complexion. This is the ultimate place for those who meet adventure created in the lush green serenity and in the midst of green woods. 

 Winter and Autumn seasons are the perfect time to visit and achieve the consummation of exploration in the pristine patch of land with green expanse.  900 Kandi means ‘ a patch of land’, which is a mystical  place that offers an excess of adrenaline triggering activities. The journey can begin with an off-road trip on an impulsive breeze through the woods directed to the hidden treasure. This is a heavenly location with glorious waterfalls and fascinating swamps. 

900 kandi Wayanad‘900 Kandi’ in Wayand offers a lavish atmosphere with chirping birds, cool streaming water in rivers. Wild animals are roaming around the streams and ponds spotted in the landscape, unconcerned by the presence of humans. The glass bridge is an ideal spot for skywalk weaving through the panoramic tapestry of mystic woods and enchanting fairy land. The glaring sunshine streams into the thick towering trees and fills a mystical glow in the jungle. The glass bridge built high on a hilltop to provide the sightseers with breathtaking 360 degree views of the entire valley below.The moment of skywalking on the bridge is a short, intoxicating experience, but the memories are forever. 

With the extreme level of adventure, the place offers a wander up the towering or magnificent treehouse that looks as if it is pushing the blue sky and a host of trekking for those who explore the journey on foot is the best way. This is a much needed place where everything will be wonders and relinquishes the bustle of busy life and urban clutter.