Cheengeri Hills - Wayanad, Kerala

Cheengeri HillsWayanad, Kerala, India is a stunning natural wonderland. This tranquil little region in Kerala becomes the most sought-after tourist destination with a lush, deciduous cover of forest and a variety of flora and animals. Trekking and adventure tourism enthusiasts will find heaven in the Cheengeri Hills, Wayanad, Kerala. The wonderful sights that may be seen from this peak include the rising sun and the sunset. The top of Cheengeri Hill, Wayanad, Kerala offers a breathtaking view of the many Wayanad hill ranges, including the Ambukuthimala range, which is home to the well-known Edakkal Caves, the Manikunnu Hills, Phantom Rock, Kolgappara Hills, Arattupara Hills, and the catchment area for the Karapuzha Dam and River.

The view from Cheengeri Hills in the morning hours is arguably its most remarkable feature. The main benefit is that the track runs entirely through the rock's top, contains both hilarious and natural beauty. The Ambukuthi hill is seen from the hill's summit. The Karappuzha Dam may be seen in its entirety from here.

Cheengeri Hill will undoubtedly rank among Wayanad's prime vacation spots for tracking tourists in the future. In order to preserve areas natural beauty, the construction work has been done carefully. Here, all the rocks are visible as same way as before. The elevation of Cheengeri Hill is 2600 metres above sea level. Cheengeri Hills, Wayanad can undoubtedly provide the adventurous tourist with fresh experiences. With its hilly terrain, it may surely be referred to be trekking paradise. It offers a variety of hiking alternatives, from easy to demanding, to meet the needs of a wide range of people. This location provides excellent photographic opportunities, making it an excellent location for filming or other types of photography. The next time you are in the Wayanad region, don't forget to stop by this location.....

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