En Uru, Wayanad

En Uru WayanadEn Uru', the tribal heritage hamlet in Pookode, Kerala's Wayanad district, Kerala displays the rich culture. Ten prototype tribal cottages, an amphitheatre to display tribal art, a café, a rain shelter, a toilet block, landscape improvements, an art and crafts workshop, a shop to teach tourists to tribal medicines, a historical pathway, and a children's park have all been constructed. The distinctive community has a cafeteria that offers conventional tribal fare and a tribal market.

The Mananthavady Tea Plantation Corporation (Priyadarshini) built the hamlet on 25 acres of land, and it serves as the region's main tourist attraction. The primary goal of the centre is to provide visitors with a chance to come close to the history and culture of the tribal people. Tribal groups are in complete control of the "En Uru" project. The tribespeople's heritage and culture would be preserved, and a global audience would be exposed to their traditional wisdom. The main draw of the location is a collection of traditional tribal houses covered in hay that are situated on about two acres and face the distant camel hump mountain range.

En Uru, WayanadAdditionally, there are plans to commercialise indigenous goods under the "En Uru" brand. The businesses that link tourism to rural residents' everyday lives would expand the industry's opportunities. En Uru would serve as a role model for the industry. The project would be given a prominent place on the State's tourism map. The legacy village is a great place to teach organic agricultural techniques as well as to pass on traditional knowledge about food processing and other relevant topics. Numerous people might find both direct and indirect employment opportunities at the centre. Additionally, there are plans to commercialise indigenous goods under the "En Uru" brand.

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