The Jain temple, Wayanad

Jain templeIn Wayanad, Kerala six kilometres from Kalpetta, is the Puliyarmala Jain Temple, also known as the Anantnath Swami Temple. The Jain temple of Sultan Bathery, Wayanad has witnessed Wayanad's shifting fortunes, from its position on Jain cultural networks to Tipu Sultan's invasion of the area to the widespread settlement of Malayalis in modern times. Anantnath Swami, a revered Jain saint, is the subject of this temple. For fans of art, this sanctuary is a joyous treasure trove. This temple's main gate is intricately crafted and has three panels. At the exterior barrier, there is also a stone pillar. The temple also features stupas constructed in the conventional Dravidian manner. Many intricate and colourful carvings in the form of pyramids can be found. The majority of visitors to the temple come for its tranquilly and architecture rather than for any particular religious reason. Families look at the Trthankara sculptures as groups of college boys discuss and take pictures in various locations around the temple. Visitors particularly like the sarpabandha carving because, according to local lore, one's desires can be fulfilled by following the serpent's exact path from head to tail when it is carved. Every group stops at the snake knot to examine it more closely and take in its patterns.

The Jain temple, Wayanad is decorated in the Dravidian style throughout, and its doors and stupa have exquisite carvings. The temple's interior is serene and elegantly decorated. Additionally, it includes a sculpted statue of Lord Mahavir outside the front door and the biggest brass idol within the building. The temple, which dates to the 14th century, is most certainly the town's oldest standing building. It was constructed by the Jain community of mediaeval Wayanad, which was distinct from the Adivasi majority of Wayanad and spoke Kannada. They were originally from the Mysore region. If not for later developments in the shape of turbulent political upheavals simmering in Wayanad, the historical significance of the Bathery Jain temple would have come to an end at this point. Unsurprisingly, these winds of change also came from the Mysore region.

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