Kanthanpara Waterfall Wayanad

Kanthanpara WaterfallThe Kanthanpara Waterfall Wayanad, Kerala, India is located 22 kilometres from Kalpetta. It is a cute, little waterfall in Wayanad that is 30 metres long and renowned for its hidden, tranquil setting. A wonderful location for picnics is one that is surrounded by lovely foliage on all sides. Compared to other waterfalls in Wayanad, Kanthanpara Falls is easy to get to. To get to this lovely location, you may take a bus or a cab.

Kanthanpara Waterfall wayanad is highly recognised for its calm surroundings and beautiful, flowing waters. One of the greatest locations in the neighbourhood for photography and cinematography is the waterfall. Any traveller should see the waterfall because of its stunning surrounds and serene setting. You can view this waterfall from a number of spots across the city, so you won't be missing it. Two waterfalls are there, and they are encircled by plantations and a forest. Through coffee farms and tea gardens, the winding path leads to magnificent cascade. Banana bushes and betel trees are readily apparent among the various crops that replenish the lush hillsides. Beyond the waterfall stream, the hills are heavily forested. So there is always clean, cold air. Invigorating, for sure! If you happen to be one of those insane adventure-lovers, your next expedition should start at Kanthanpara Waterfalls. It is a cute tiny waterfall that is well known for its quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Pack your luggage, then, for today is the perfect opportunity to take in the waterfalls' natural beauty.

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