Lakkidi View Point in Wayanad

Lakkidi View Point in WayanadLakkidi, Wayanad, Kerala, India is a well-known hill attraction. Lakkidi View Point in Wayanad is popular with tourists who come to take in the breathtaking views of the valleys and crags surrounding. High above the city, Lakkidi Viewpoint provides a bird's eye perspective. At an elevation of 700 metres and 32 kilometres from Wayanad, the area typically remains foggy and provides a lovely view of the hairpin twists that down the hill. Driving up to the place is exciting in and of itself. For the greatest views, go to Lakkidi View Point around dawn and sunset. The vista, commonly known as the "Gateway to Wayanad," is a well-liked picnic location. With nine hairpin caverns and a stunning view of the mountains in Wayanad, Lakkidi View Point is renowned for its mesmerising landscape. Their list of must-see Wayanad attractions should include Lakkidi View Point, which offers an unparalleled appeal of natural beauty throughout the entire journey. This location, which provides a bird's-eye perspective of the gorgeous surroundings, makes it difficult to find the right words to adequately convey the expansive vision you are presented with. In addition to having the second-highest rainfall in the world, Lakkidi is well-known for being a foggy tourist destination in Wayanad.

Lakkidi View Point is renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty, which includes towering mountain peaks, thick woods, and tumbling streams. A bird's eye view of the deep valley to the south with its twisting roads, steep mountain peaks, and lush greenery is beautiful. When you get at the view point, you'll be welcomed by a lush landscape that is likely to revive you. Enjoy some of the breathtaking vistas and take some photos as a memento of your trip to this breathtaking observation point. To avoid a ruined view, plan your trip up here on a sunny day. Particularly for the stunning sunrises and sunsets, tourists travel here. With several pricey resorts and plantation stays offering a stay facility for foreigners and other wealthy tourists, Lakkidi has also become a well-liked hill destination.

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