Vythiri Holiday Resort - Wayanad - Kerala


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Vythiri Holiday Resort, Wayanad

The Vythiri Holiday Resort is a lovely natural retreat and is located a short distance from Vythiri town at the edge of a rainforest. Visitors are greeted by birdsong, the staccato rhythms of insects, and the anonymous inhabitants of the forested area as a meandering trail meanders uphill. 
The resort's lobby is situated next to a pool, a playground, an elliptical track for joggers, and a location for barbeques after dusk. A small bridge spans a bustling stream that originates higher up in the mountains and flows into a bamboo grove and the forest beyond. With a large banquet hall and space for indoor activities above, the resort's dining areas are located next to the lobby. The property is loomed over by Chembara Peak, the highest mountain in the vicinity, along with other mountains that extend into the skyline. Rows of twin-bedroom cottages with sloping roofs are situated along the hillside as you spiral uphill from the entrance. All of the cottages are tastefully decorated and fitted with all necessary home comforts. 
Time stands still in this place as you are mesmerised by the sights and sounds of nature's primeval music. The poolside is the ideal remedy for tired limbs after a busy day of leisure during the cool, breezy evenings. While the kids are having fun in the kids pool, you may enjoy the freshness of a long soak in clean ground water.


  • Convention centre and meeting rooms
  • Pool
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Library
  • Yoga
  • Restaurant

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